B&B – DiVino Marsala – Trapani


Marsala is known for the production of the wine of the same name, the British considered it better than Porto and Madeira and began to market it all over the world, decreeing its success. In 1833 the entrepreneur Vincenzo Florio buys a piece of land on a stretch of beach located between the bays of Ingham-Whitaker and Woodhouse, and has a Marsala wine factory built there. When visiting the Florio cellars, it seems as if time has stopped in the 19th century: the oak barrels, the department stores, the museum with the tools of the time and the inevitable tasting will leave you with an unforgettable sensation. If you still have some time to visit the Cantine Pellegrino, a winery founded in 1880, a magnificent mix of ancient and contemporary, in addition to the historic establishment, do not miss the “Torri”, two “silos” transformed by architect Carla Giustolisi into a open space with a view on the “Stagnone”. This year the new wine shop of Carlo Pellegrino was inaugurated “Overture”. Another unmissable destination: Donnafugata born in Sicily from the initiative of a family that with great passion has been able to revolutionize the style and perception of Sicilian wine in the world. The essence of Donnafugata is to offer the world wines that stand out for their pleasure and complexity, wines capable of convincing and making those who taste them happy.