B&B – DiVino Marsala – Trapani


Running near the sea, like walking, is one of the most enjoyable experiences for those who love motorcycle outdoors and want while enjoying the scenery, or look around, observe and look around. The waterfront Boeo in recent years a very busy place in this regard. Obviously you can walk or run, but this does not exclude the possibility of also enjoy the influence of the sea and enjoy for example the spectacle of the sun setting over the sea. If you are used to the morning run is fine, leave your car in the parking lot immediately after the port. A bit ‘of stretching and matches to the waterfront, the full return path goes from the monument to the Thousand (incomplete work, its history read here) to “Salinella”; alternatively, you can get to the Rowing Club and return, are about 3 km. Many prefer the “fast walking” great if you want to dispose of dinner or lunch. Along the way you can admire one of the oldest churches in Sicily dedicated to the patron saint of the city: San Giovanni (V d.c. century); continuing always on the right Baglio Anselmi (Archaeological Museum, read later), just after here is the extreme tip of Italy: Boeo Cape.