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Marsala wine owes its name to the Arabs (Marsa-Allah, Port of God), but the original name was Lilybeo, a quadrangle around which were the walls to defend the city with four doors. Today if you go to Republic Square (Piazza Loggia) and you position the corner of the square “Garibaldina dictatorship” with the view facing the sea you will have the chance to see two of the four remaining gates: Porta Garibaldi (Portamare), and, in right Porta Nuova; left at the end of the “Cassaro” was Porta Mazara (destroyed during the bombing of World War II) and behind you Porticella (no longer visible). From there you can start the path to visit the Old Town, the car-free island, started with the Cathedral dedicated to the Bishop of Canterbury, because originally built by the British entrepreneurs. At the end of the visit of cosddetta “Matrix” take the side exit and you will find yourself in a square covered by ancient trees, go left and after about ten meters will see the beautiful square Purgatory with the Baroque fountain and the church of the Purgatory. Immediately on the right and you are on Via Garraffa walking on the left there are some interesting archaeological finds of the old Lilybeo, continue until Piazza del Carmine, the Municipal Art Gallery. Throughout the year they are organized important exhibitions, but still worth a visit, inside you will find a beautiful cloister of the thirteenth century. Now take the small road that leads the way Booty turn left and proceed until you reach Piazza Addolorata, you are in the heart of the city, there you will find the Town Hall a wonderful Spanish mansion and the market, an example of a presence of the Arabs It made evident by its architecture. The Old Market in the evening turns into a meeting place thanks to the many local present. After seeing the door Garibaldi, so named because it is from there that by General after landing on 11 May 1860, go up the street Garibladi and do not miss the museum of Flemish tapestries, curated by the local Church. You deserve a little ‘rest. Garibladi the way is full of bars and outdoor seating. They also make the excellent lemon granita.