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Mozia was the Phoenician city located in present island of S. Pantaleo, easily reached from Marsala (approximately 6 km from the city center you will find the pier from where boats leave every ten minutes that take you Island). Founded by the Phoenicians (8th cent. BC), it was destroyed in 397 BC Numerous archaeological discoveries many of which are located in the city at the Baglio Anselmi houses the Archaeological Museum. A Mozia interesting are the urban ruins of the old town (city walls, port basin; sanctuary said Cappiddazzu). But the main attraction of the beautiful island of Mozia is the marble statue of a young man, commonly known as the “Young Man of Mozia”, the statue, one of a kind because it is a greek artifact found in a Punic province. This, in fact, has aroused much astonishment in the archaeologists at the time of its discovery in 1979. This sculpture has represented Italy at Expo in Japan and that in recent years (not including some controversy) has toured the most prestigious museums in the world, finally the Britsh Museum in London. Today is finally back, and you should not miss it!