B&B – DiVino Marsala – Trapani


In restaurants you will find the classic local dishes, from fish cuscusu, from pasta with sea urchins (can not find it on the menu, you have to ask) to the baked pasta. But there are some dishes that you should not miss: the sandwich with the fritters, the cunzato bread, rianata, and arancini (in the province of Trapani are pronounced in the female) for salted; the brioche with ice cream, lemon granita and cassatasiciliana for dessert. The sandwich with fritters can be found in several kiosks, there point out two: the market and small door. Almost all bakeries prepare cunzato bread (an inviting and giant half baked loaf by hand topped with tomatoes, oregano, capers and the famous the first cheese salt, high in variants with tuna) and rianate (a soft pizza named by the large amount of oregano which is flavored), a good idea for lunch; if your favorite sweet: the brioche (here pronounce it that) with ice cream or lemon granita with brioche are excellent alternatives. To round off a lunch or you want to snack in the afternoon, we recommend a slice of Sicilian cassata, almost all the bakeries prepare it, we point out that of the Bar De Gaetano in Piazza Garibaldi and Vivona bakery in Via Bilardello near the Piazza Matteotti .